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Why Hydrother Acrylic Spas?

See why Hydrother's one-piece ultra thick acrylic hot tubs should be your go to choice for your next installation           

One Piece Acrylic Hot Tubs

Why are HydroTher Acrylic Hot Tubs my best choice?

A commercial hot tub shell is asked over it’s operational life to tolerate hundreds of cycles of hot water being drained and then being refilled with relatively cold water. These cycles of loading and thermal stress can generate flexing of the spa shell. This flexing can exceed the capability of concrete and concrete waterproofing systems, causing the concrete shells and/or the piping and fittings encased within them to leak. The repair of a leaking concrete shell can be very expensive, up to and including the demolition of the shell and reconstruction.

HydroTher acrylic hot tub shells on the other hand, avoid this costly scenario by allowing the shell to flex and accommodate these stresses. Piping remains accessible for any service or fitting replacement. HydroTher shells do not rely on waterproof membranes as concrete spas do and our acrylic spa shells remain resistant to normal water chemistry conditions unlike concrete and most waterproofing materials. 

Because our hot tubs are prefabricated, project cost remains low and timelines for construction are more easily met. Our preplumbed mechanical support systems are perfectly matched to our shells for optimal performance.

HydroTher Spas are much lighter than concrete spas. Our entire range of spas are all below 100 lbs. (46 kg.)/ sq. Ft. (.093 m2) providing much greater flexibility in choice of hot tub location. 

Please speak to your HydroTher representatives for more information or how to select the best model and options for your project.