Installation & Maintenance - HydroTher


Before installing your new HydroTher Hot Tub be sure to follow the steps below to help with your installation:

Health or Building Departments

Be sure to contact your local health unit to ensure that your HydroTher Hot Tub meets your local commercial hot tub standards including approved colors.

Decking and Supporting 

All spas must be adequately supported. Decking surround and electrical requirements should be specified by the project’s architect or mechanical consultant. Any adjacent metallic components must be grounded.


Access to the plumbing for routine service or repairs should be incorporated into the deck design.

The installing contractor is responsible for supplying all plumbing from the mechanical equipment to the hot tub.

The use of 45° and 90° elbows should be minimized as they restrict the flow.

The hot tub should be operated for 24 hours before it is enclosed with decking to ensure that the plumbing has not been damaged during installation.

Mechanical Equipment 

Dealers may substitute their preferred brand of pumps, filters, chemical controllers and accessories.

Motor starters, magnetic contractors, heater disconnect, and ground fault protectors are not included in the equipment packages shown.

Jet pump timer button should be located such that users must exit the tub to reset the timer.

Surrounding Space 

Nearby showers and washrooms are highly recommended and mandatory for some health departments

Tiling on decking around spa must be available for overflow or splash out and be slip resistant. 

Consideration should be given to rendering the hot tub inaccessible when unsupervised.

For further installation or code requirements we recommend consulting your local building department reference N.S.P.I standards for public spas.


See our suggested maintenance schedule for your new HydroTher Hot-Tub to get the best out of your Hot-Tub




Formula for determining need to drain Hot-Tub



If you have questions on the maintenance required for your new hot-tub email us at [email protected]