Selecting the Right Hot Tub Package


HydroTher Hot Tubs differ from residential spas in many critical ways. Most residential spas do not meet local or state/provincial codes in either form or function. HydroTher Hot Tubs provide ease of use to a wide range of users as opposed to residential spas that are made to indulge individual tastes and comparably light use. 

HydroTher jet and suction fittings, skimmers and mechanical systems are all designed for commercial use, operational ease and code compliance. 

HydroTher Hot Tubs feature a wide entry slip resistant steps with highlighted tread edges, wide bench seating and generous textured floors to accommodate user egress and exit.


There are five models to suit almost any project with some large facilities choosing multiple HydroTher Hot Tubs. Please check the model information tab to select the Hot Tub model with the user capacity that best suits your project. Whichever HydroTher model you choose, it is important that there is sufficient deck space to walk around the spa with 6 foot clearance at the stair end of the hot tub. Please remember to check all local codes for deck clearance requirements.


HydroTher Hot Tubs can be installed flush to the deck, partially raised or fully above the surrounding deck. Care must be taken with elevated Hot Tubs, as elevated decks with perimeter railings around the platform may be required for above certain elevations. 


The pumps, filter, heater, chemical feed equipment, electrical and metering equipment cannot be stored under the spa shell. While our factory pre-plumbed equipment packages are compact, they do require a proper mechanical room equipped with suitable electric feeds along with a ¾ inch ( 19 mm) fresh water line and a funnel equipped with a floor drain capable of accommodation 50 US GPM/190 litres per minute.

Please referred to HydroTher model drawings for equipment room sizing.

Selecting your Mechanical Equipment Options

Underwater  12v LED Light

Illuminate your user’s experience with these long lasting and low voltage lights. These are the safest way to provide underwater lighting for code compliance or to highlight your installation.

Set of 2 Vac-Alert SVRS's

Either for code compliance or to provide the only reactive resolution to underwater suction entrapment dangers present in all Hot Tubs. These units are plumbed just prior to the pump’s suction ports on the mechanical support package.

External High Limit Switch

This switch is required in many jurisdictions to ensure that there is a back up to the heater thermostat ensuring that the heat of the spa water does not exceed 40 degrees C ( 104 F ) as is required and/or recommended. 

Electronic Countdown Timer

This timer replaces the mechanical countdown timer for the jet pump operations and avoids the eventual inaccuracies inherent in the spring wear of a mechanical timer. 

Emergency Push-Pull Button

Required in many areas, this deck mounted Emergency Shut off button makes it possible to shut off the jet and filter pumps in the case of an emergency and provides another layer of user safety of owner liability protection. 

Audio Visual Beacon

This alarm indicates that the Emergency Push-Pull Button has been activated notifying staff and others of the situation and also prevents the inappropriate use of the Emergency Shut off Button

Chemical Automation System w/ Erosion Feeder or Liquid Feeder

A must for efficient and safe chemical conditions in your Hot Tub to ensure efficient and optional operation. Functioning much the same way a thermostat works, this control system constantly monitors the disinfectant and pH levels in the water and controls the feeders to dose the precise chemical feed to meet your desired levels in the Hot Tub Water.   

UV Sanitation System

To provide the optimal level of water quality, UV Sanitation is used to compliment the disinfectant in the Hot Tub water. By ensuring even Chlorine resistant bacteria and pathogens or eliminated, your users will have the best protection again recreation water borne pathogens.

Substitute for Sand Filter

Sand filtration is an excellent option to the standard cartridge filter where ease of maintenance is an overriding concern. With the simple turn of a dial, the filter will flush dirt and debris down the drain and then return back to filtration or can drain the spa when you replace the Hot Tub water. 

Substitute for Gas or Propane Heater

Many customers desire the operational cost savings of a gas or propane heater. In addition, these heaters provide the fastest heat recovery after a refilling of the Hot Tub. Installation requirements may limit locations suitable for placement but please speak to your HydroTher representative to see if these heaters may be the best choice for you.